Itasca Ladyslipper Farm
Updated for 19 January 2022 

We are sold out of lady's slippers for spring 2022.  But there is good news also.  If you wish to visit this summer, Brandan will be selling his personal collection of lady's slippers.

He will start accepting appointments by the end of May for June 1st, weather permitting.  He will continue taking appointments through summer or until all plants are sold.  For Brandan's phone number, please contact us several days or more in advance of your intended visit.
Photo of Brandan and Cyp. pubescens.
Contact us: Email.
Email is preferred:
Office phone:(218) 247-0245

Brandan's home at Itasca Ladyslipper Farm is located just outside Grand Rapids, Minnesota.

All plants were grown from seedlings produced in the laboratory by Spangle Creek Labs.

Brandan with large yellow lady's slipper he grew.

Photo of 11 year old Cyp. reginae seedlings.

Photo of 11-year old Cyripedium reginae plants raised from seed.

Here is a gallery of species with horticultural zone information.  The horticultural zone information is provided as an indication of winter hardiness and the winter temperatures necessary to vernalize the plants properly.  A particular climate may have good winter conditions for a particular plant but still have summers that are too hot.  Gallery of species grown from seed with horticultural information.

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