Itasca Ladyslipper Farm
Updated 9 December 2022 

As of September 24th, 2022, Itasca Ladyslipper Farm is closed after over 20 years of growing lady's-slippers and will no longer be offering plants.

Brandon says, "Thank you to all my customers/friends. Best wishes."

People interested in growing lady's-slippers can still obtain plants as laboratory produced seedlings from
Spangle Creek Labs.

Photo of Brandan and Cyp. pubescens.

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Brandon, Greenhouse Manager, with large yellow lady's slipper he grew.

Photo of 11 year old Cyp. reginae seedlings.

Photo of 11-year old Cyripedium reginae plants raised from seed.

Here is a gallery of species with horticultural zone information.  The horticultural zone information is provided as an indication of winter hardiness and the winter temperatures necessary to vernalize the plants properly.  A particular climate may have good winter conditions for a particular plant but still have summers that are too hot.

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